Hi there, I'm Chloe!

I'm currently working as a product designer working remotely from Canada.


Why Design?

To me, the best part about good design is being able to create something that communicates effectively with a strong rationale and sound reasoning. When people ask me to “just make it look pretty” I give them one of these looks —> 🤔. I’m continuously fascinated with the WHY behind everything. The design process is great for discovering why, accurately defining a problem and addressing it with the appropriate solutions. It satisfies both my need for a cohesive visual aesthetic and the problem solver in me.


The (career) story so far:

In 2015 I graduated from the George Brown College School of Design with an advanced diploma in graphic design. During my time in school I focused on my UX/UI course and applied those skills to make the core of my thesis. Since then, I’ve worked as a visual designer for an advertising technology company, a UX/UI designer at an agency startup, a UX/UI designer at a healthcare tech startup and continue to freelance.


Other random facts:

I’m a big fan of almost every music genre and love supporting musicians in my spare time. Lately, I’ve been really into Alisa Xayalith (from the naked and famous), Maggie Rogers, Muna, and of course Taylor Swift—I've got the Spotify Wrapped to prove it. If you're wondering, yes, I’m the friend that spams my instagram stories with all my favourite parts of the show. I get really excited and I love to share experiences!

If I’m not at a concert, I might be playing one of the following video games: Mario Kart on N64, Age of Empires on my bootcamped Mac, or Breath Of The Wild (my fav) and yes I am counting down the days until the sequel!

I also love taking hands-on classes that pushes my creativity off the screen. It plays a huge part in my process to be able to be able to diversify my creative thoughts and endeavours. So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking many pottery classes, leather working and sewing. Right before the pandemic I finished an intro to jewellery class and loved every second of it.

I consider myself an expert gift giver. I pay close attention to people and make an effort to gift something they actually need or will use frequently.

Like many others, my pandemic distraction & coping mechanisms consisted of moving out of Toronto with my partner, buying our first home (a fixer-upper) and embarking on a 2 year whole house DIY renovation with no prior experience. We took down a load-bearing wall, replaced it with a beam in the attic, put in a new floor, kitchen, refinished the original hardwood upstairs, framed in and soundproofed the basement (for the musicians in our lives) and much much more.

When we weren't renovating, I was finding ways to make my friends smile. I spent a considerable amount of time creating elaborate tribute videos for my friends to celebrate their birthdays in 2020 when we couldn't get together in person. I wrote about that experience and getting out of a creative rut, here.

My interest in art—and specifically design—has been a constant in my life for over 15 years. It started when my elementary school teacher put me in charge of designing and coordinating our school’s yearbook. I continued to explore various facets of the arts in my community and was involved in many theatre productions over the years. Not to brag—however if there is ever a good moment to brag, I guess it would be now—but I even won a few notable awards for my 12-year-old acting skills. This has proven particularly useful when presenting work and other key stakeholder situations.


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