We Make Things

We Make Things—also known as WMT—is a brand strategy agency based in Toronto. WMT strives for clear brand communication, intriguing creative execution and most importantly, to create functional and usable solutions that address user problems. The project brief called for brand visuals that were unique, yet subtle enough to allow WMT's client work to remain the focus.

The heart of this brand is a desire to simplify and communicate, which is why referencing 'WMT' in Morse code was a fitting and multi-layered rationale. The metaphor is two-fold; One, it exemplifies simplicity in communication and a visual/auditory mode of communication. Two, Morse code itself—whether written as dashes and dots or in some cases flashes of light—can be seen as a reference to sacred geometry, as a dot (a point) and a dash (two points connected to create a line) is representative of the first steps in creating any form.


While a more comprehensive agency website is in the works, we created a satirical microsite to help people decipher today's common miscommunications via text messages.

Click here to see the site.


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