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We Make Things is a brand strategy agency based in Toronto. The goal was to create a brand with subtle visuals and not-so-subtle opinions. The visuals hint at the brand’s values—above all else, WMT strives for clear communication, interesting creative execution and, most importantly, to create something functional and usable that responds to a user’s needs.

At the heart of this brand is a desire to simplify and communicate, which is why referencing morse code was a multi-layered rationale. The metaphor is two-fold; One, it exemplifies the simplicity in communication, and a visual/auditory mode of communicating. Two, morse code itself, whether written as dashes and dots—or in some cases, flashes of light—either is representative of the first steps in creating simple forms and shapes.

While we continue to work on more comprehensive agency website, in the meantime we created a satirical website to help people decipher today's common miscommunications

More photos will be added soon.

  • Date: 2017-Present
  • Role: Lead Designer / Concept Development / Art Direction / Co-Writer
  • Client: We Make Things
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