PSI Foundation

PSI Foundation is a physician-sponsored granting agency that provides over 4 million dollars annually to physicians and student residents across Ontario. The foundation recognized that communication with key audiences like grantees needed improvement. Their previous website had a very complex structure and struggled to help grantees understand what they're eligible for.


New brand visuals including an updated logo, colour palette, typefaces and image styles were developed. In addition to this, the new website was also designed to meet WCAG AA compliance.

To streamline the grantee's experience and help them quickly understand the types of grants they're eligible to apply for, a natural language form was implemented and accompanied by simple, clear prompts. While looking at the details of the grants available, they also have the opportunity to see past research projects pertaining to that grant.


Since the launch of this project in 2018, there has been an increase in grant applications, proving that better messaging combined with a significantly improved online experience can produce great results.

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