Sozu Interactive Experience, KEA Charrette Winner 2014

The outdoor space surrounding the BIBLIOTEKET Rentemestervej, a library in Copenhagen, is bare and seldom used by the public. It is plagued with heavy rainfall, its cold, and uninviting.

Sozu is an installation that uses time and history to engage people in a sensory interactive experience. The people are able to contribute to the installation in various ways, therefore leaving their respective historic marks and allowing them to take ownership of the public area.

Sozu is a rain shelter that consists of two components. The first is a water wall that uses digitally time pulses of falling water to create a sheet of rain that displays either a personalized greeting, an archive of artwork from previous visitors, or information about the library. The second element an area filled with falling rain. Visitors pass through the falling rain, clearing a path for them as they walk through. This installation also features a home-like experience in the center with comfortable chairs and a warm fireplace.